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MCR Web Design

We have been programming & designing for over 20 years.
We have vast knowledge of all the Graphic
and Program languages, Software & Hardware.
We also know the ins&outs of all ISP's.

We Design Websites to your "Exact" Specs!!
You will see many different formats and styles
of sites when you look on the web.
Everybody has different likes and dis-likes,
so we cater to exactly what "YOU" want!!!

****Our Pricing is Considerably Less than the Average****
I find that due to the explosion of websites
onto the internet, that prices of websites
have sky-rocketed!!!
This is where I stand alone
and am Affordable!!!
We Charge Very Reasonable,
and Affordable Prices
for our Professional Services!!

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Contact us at:

MCR Web Design
PO Box 12726

El Cajon, CA 92022
Ph: 800-611-4350
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