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With unlimited tour images and a ten-shot slide show, this is our best value.
  • Twice as Many Virtual Tour Images
  • A ten-shot slide show
Click Here to take a Sample Virtual Tour

Click here for a Virtual Tour - Slide Show Sample
    The best value anywhere! The CustomWebDesigners.com Master Tour is an unbeatable package that centers around up to ten virtual tour images. Compared to the industry standard , a ten shot Virtual Tour is huge, and the price is still one of the cheapest prices on the market. Now you don't need to decide between the kitchen shot, the master bedroom shot, the living room shot, the pool shot, etc -- all these shots can be included for no additional charge.

    But that's not everything! Our Master Tours now include a ten-shot slide show . Your photographer will shoot ten high-resolution, still images which we then convert into slide show format that is accessible from your virtual tour. CustomWebDesigners can then email you these images for you to use in brochures, flyers, personal webpages, etc. Now you don't need to pay those high prices for a virtual tour.

    CustomWebDesigners can now link tours to any site you wish. Now your tours can be seen at one of the most visited sites in the country. Make sure your home is linked to your favorite sites today!
Master Tour $89.99  
Our classic 5-shot virtual tour is still the most competitive value around.
  • Five Virtual Tour Images
  • One Still Front Image
Click here to take a Sample Standard Tour
    It our goal at CustomWebDesigners that every website should be have a virtual tour. Now with our standard virtual tour package, there is no excuse for not ordering a virtual tour. It is one of the cheapest forms of advertising, yet the results can be phenomenal. The CustomWebDesigners.com Standard Tour includes five virtual tour images. Why pay the hundred plus dollars that our competitors charge for four shots when you can get a great CustomWebDesigners 5-shot tour for nearly half that?

    CustomWebDesigners can now link tours to any site you wish. Now your tours can be seen at one of the most visited sites in the country. Make sure your website is linked to your favorite website today!
Standard Tour $59.99

Email your virtual tour to clients.
  • Email the Tour to Clients
  • Create Disks for Clients
Click here to get Diskmaker Info
    The MCRDiskMaker is the ultimate tool for website owners who want to market their virtual tours. With this tool you can email the tour to prospective clients and create disks to give to clients. Load the tour on your computer so you don't have to deal with slow download times. The MCRDiskMaker is a necessity for every virtual tour.
MCR DiskMaker $9.99
Add an Online Commercial to Your Web Page
  • Add a Streaming Video to Your Web Page
  • Digitize You Personal Video or Let Us Create One for You
Click here for a Sample Filmed Video

Click here for a Sample Digitized Video
    A MCRVideo is a simple, affordable way to attract new customers and add a personal touch to your website. With today's advances in streaming technologies, an online commercial is a must for every agent and brokerage.

    The two forms of MCRVideos are digitized MCRVideos and filmed MCRVidoes. If you already own a personal video, we can convert that video into a digitized MCRVideo so that the whole world can view your video online. If you do not yet own a personal video, we can create a low-cost filmed MCRVideo. Don't let new Internet technologies pass you by -- order a MCRVideo today.
Filmed Video $299.99 per minute
Digitized Video $49.99 per minute
Coming Soon -- Give Your Virtual Tours a Voice
  • Streaming Audio For Your Virtual Tour
    Now you can guide clients through your homes without being there. CustomWebDesigners.com is currenty Beta testing their new streaming audio technologies, adding a new dimesion to their virtual tours. Streaming audio should be available to all agents by November 2001, but for those of you who can't wait, we are currently accepting orders.
Streaming Audio - Coming Soon Call For Pricing

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